Boiler Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

Boilers are expensive appliances to replace, so it is important you know how to look after it, to keep it up and running for as long as possible. Caring for your boiler is not as hard as it sounds and there a few simple methods to carry out!

Lag your pipes

As the weather gets colder, your outdoor pipes have the potential to freeze over and burst. If this happens, it will create a range of problems for you- so it is better to prevent it from happening in the first place. To avoid this issue, you need to lag your pipes with some ready-made pipe lagging, available in any DIY shop for just a few pounds. It slips on in minutes but offers years of protection.

Check your boiler pressure

From time to time, it is important you take a look at the pressure gauge on your boiler. The ideal boiler pressure is between 1 and 1.5 bar. If it is lower than this, you can top it up easily with the instructions in your manufacturers' guide. If it often drops, you should consider why this is happening and call out a gas engineer to take a look.

Bleed your radiators

When you switch on your heating, you should periodically feel your radiators to see how they are heating up. They should heat up quickly and evenly but, if not, you can rectify this by bleeding them. This is a quick and easy process that can be learnt with a short DIY video. Bleeding your radiators releases all of the trapped air, removing any cold spots.

Call out a gas engineer

Each year, it is a good idea to call out a gas engineer to check out your boiler. An annual service is a perfect way to keep it running smoothly, as we can find any issues that may have happened over the year. If this is not enough, we can also offer a powerflush to really cleanse your system.

Need a gas engineer in Epsom?

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