Benefits of installing a new boiler

Are you thinking about getting a new boiler for your home? Your new boiler is guaranteed to be much better than your current model- keep reading to find out why…

A new boiler will be more efficient

Getting a new boiler will be much more efficient than your current model, thanks to new, condensing technology. Your new boiler will be A Rated for efficiency, meaning it will be at least 90% efficient. This can make a big difference from your old boiler, which can be as low as 60%! Such a big difference can mean real savings on your energy bills and our new boiler can soon begin to pay for itself!

A new boiler will be more reliable

Your new boiler will be much more reliable than your current model, as it will be brand new. As a result, you will have peace of mind in knowing you are free from any breakdowns or repairs in the near future, meaning you won’t have to splash out any more cash on your boiler. As well as this, some new boilers come warranties or guarantees, protecting you from the costs of any repairs well into the future! If your boiler comes with a warranty or guarantee, you know you are in good hands.

A new boiler will be more discrete

If you get a new boiler, it will be much smaller and more discrete. Having a more compact boiler unit allows more options for where it can be stored. For example, it can now be wall-mounted and hidden in a kitchen cupboard. This keeps it out of sight, but close by if it is needed. This may not suit every home, so other options include airing cupboards or beneath the stairs. As well as being smaller, your new boiler is also going to be much quieter. This can make a big difference to your life, especially if your boiler is the other side of your bedroom wall. Finally, no more interrupted sleep!

Need a new boiler in Epsom?

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